Starbucks ‘deal of the day’ crashes Groupon website


There’s only one thing that people love more than coffee – free coffee. That’s never been more apparent than right now because Groupon is offering 50% off at Starbucks, and it just crashed their website.

Groupon has thrived based on people pre-paying for coupons, but they’re often for places you’ve never heard of. If you’re lucky, once in awhile something than you’d be spending money on anyway comes along. That was the case when Starbucks stepped up to the plate today. I don’t know why they felt the need to offer a Groupon, but the masses seized the opportunity to lock in $5 free. The stats say over 100,000 people have purchased the deal, and I imagine it’s quite a few more. Hell, 23k people have liked it on Facebook. Who “likes” a coupon on Facebook?

The deal is still running if you can manage to sneak in at a time when the website is up. Here’s the link, but at the moment it’s just a tease. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not, but Groupon’s version of a Fail Whale is extra appropriate today.

UPDATE: The site is currently up!