Steak wrapping paper makes your next gift delicious

Wrapping paper is the biggest was of time and energy in the gift giving process, especially because you such at wrapping things. All that effort will at least be worthwhile if you use steak wrapping paper. Even if you gift sucks it will at least be memorable.


You can’t just run down to the local paper store, which you probably didn’t know existed if you aren’t married, and grab steak wrapping paper. This is a Kickstarter campaign. Like all of the ones I support though, you’re essentially just pre-ordering the product. The first level is $15 and comes with 2 sheers of 25″ x 21″ steak paper and one sheet of cutting board paper. If you bump it up a level ($20) you also get 1 sheet of white butcher paper, twine, a meat tray, and a gift label.

Steak wrapping paper isn’t the greatest deal in the world, but you’re not the greatest gift giver in the world either. The only way that Oster Bread Maker with three speeds is going to go over well is it if you make it look 10x cooler than it is.