Comedian ponders what life would be like if the British won the war

In honor of the 4th of July, British comedian Stephen Merchant hilariously ponders what life would be like if the British had won the war.

I’m a big Stephen Merchant fan, I love him in ‘The Office,’ ‘The Ricky Gervais Show,’ and I really really loved watching him torture Karl Pilkington in ‘An Idiot Abroad.’ So while I’m predisposed to think he’s funny, I was delighted to find this new ad for Newcastle was actually pretty humorous.

But not because of all the suppositions he made on what life would be like if the Brits had came out on top. It’s hilarious because the ‘what if’ still exists for Brits, and they need to just let it go. Don’t you know that nothing can keep Uncle Sam from top top of the podium? Nothing.

So here’s what you do Brits, whenever this thought creeps in to your mind just watch this clip of Charlie from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ and then realize that his level of patriotism is actually not that far from the average American. We don’t take losing lightly.


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SOURCE: HuffPo UK // Newcastle