It’s impossible to lose these sunglasses…IMPOSSIBLE

via Tzukuri


Finally, a pair of shades that won’t up and disappear after a couple weeks.

Tsukuri is using GPS technology to make sure dudes never lose a pair of shades again.

Each pair of these handmade Tsukuri pair of shades is UV-protected, the lenses are anti-scratch and comes implanted with a solar-powered GPS system that’ll sync with your phone. When you eventually lose your brand new shades, you can track them down within minutes, not months or never. Just don’t lose your phone and sunglasses. Then you’re screwed.

The glasses will set you back about $349 bucks. The same price as a good pair of sunglasses. At least you won’t lose these.

Now, how about GPS Chapstick?

[h/t Esquire]

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