Taco Bell introduces Smothered Burrito, cans the Enchirito

Taco Bell is the king of repackaging the same 5 ingredients into a new item. The latest addition is the new Smothered Burrito, which invited one new toppings to the party. It hit menus nation wide today.


First, let’s pour out some Mountain Dew Baja Blast for the Enchirito, which is being replace by the Smothered Burrito. That was my favorite item on their menu, and I feel like it being booted is all my fault for not ordering enough of them.

The new Smothered Burrito utilizes the same red sauce and melted cheese on top as the Enchirito, but instead of onions you get rice and some fancy pants new chipotle sauce. Yahoo for fast food innovation!

Our new Smothered Burrito is filled with shredded chicken, premium Latin rice, hearty beans, and creamy chipotle sauce. Then it’s smothered with red sauce, loads of melted cheeses and topped with reduced-fat sour cream. Available with seasoned beef or marinated premium thick-cut steak

Don’t be fooled by the marketing lingo, it’s the same rice and beans as the other items. You just didn’t know they’ve been premium and hearty this whole time. And it’s a good thing they went with reduced-fat sour cream, because I’m going to be eating about a dozen of these.