Taco Bell to add taquitos to menu


Taco Bell is looking at adding everyone’s favorite Mexican snack, taquitos, to their menu. These crispy rolls of goodness are only in test markets now, but if response is positive they should be nationwide soon.

I’ve never had a taquito that didn’t begin spend part of its life in a 7-11 freezer. I’m certainly willing to try one that starts in Taco Bell’s freezer instead though. These crispy slices of heaven are shredded chicken in a fried corn tortilla, served with one of five dips – spicy ranch, salsa, guacamole, nacho cheese, or reduced-fat sour cream. It’s good to see that they’re smart enough to capitalize on everyone’s obsession with ranch. I know that’s the one for which I’d go.

Prices are still in test mode as well, but the one’s spotted by GrubGrade in Columbus, OH were being sold 2 for $2. As a staple menu instead of a new product, I would expect them down around 2/$1.50. It’s had to justify charging a dollar for a two-ingredient item.

via BrandEating