Talisker Storm single malt scotch doesn’t need an age statement to bring the thunder

With Ron Burgundy set to hit the big screen next month, it’s time to check out a new scotchy scotch scotch. Talisker Storm not only has an awesome name, but it’s a great compliment to your many leather bound books.

Colin Joliat

Talisker might not be a household name for those just getting into scotch, but it’s a taste with which you’re likely familiar. It’s one of the main malts used in Johnnie Walker Red Label, which aside from Dewars is probably the scotch you’re most likely to see at a wedding. Their newest offering, Talisker Storm Single Malt, doesn’t have an age-statement, but it does have a wonderfully complex and bold flavor.

I was fortunate to try Talkisker Storm when the whisky fairy dropped it at my doorstep. It was all too appropriate that there was a vicious storm in Chicago at the time. Luckily Scotland’s rains are far tastier than ours. Talisker comes from the Isle of Skye (where they shot Keanu’s 47 Ronin) which adds fantastic salinity throughout the spirit. It’s a perfect compliment to Talisker’s warm sweetness.

The spirit smells like honey and apricot with subtle smoke. What you smell is what you get in the entry. Halfway through the peat and salinity take charge along with some spice. The medium length finish has a great heat and the smokiness to match. To answer the most common question when I talk about scotch, overall this definitely falls into the smokey category. It’s nothing compared to a fireside dram like Laphroaig though.

It’s clear why Storm lacks an age statement. Some of the malt is aged as few as three years. Talisker would never be able to sell a product with a big ole three on the bottle because scotch drinkers are ageist. In reality, Storm sits just above Talisker 10-year old in the product line and could be seen as more intense version of that spirit. Think Johnnie Walker Black vs. Double Black. The wide range of maturities used in Storm leads to a very dynamic spirit. The heat of the young and the sweet of the old work perfectly together, creating a unique experience that you just can’t find when all of the malt is aged at least 10 years.

Storm launched at the beginning of the year but just arrived state-side last month. There was clearly a fan base waiting because it’s already being priced at a premium in a Chicago liquor store not known for price-jacking. For the record, it’s suggested retail price is $66, which is only $6 above the 10-year. Talisker is fighting an uphill battle for consumers by not using an age statement, but instead of an arbitrary number of years, they’re using a fantastic spirit to justify Storm’s price.