Tamba Hali leaves the best tip ever at restaurant

Tamba Hali is quickly becoming the most popular man in Kansas City. Following the Chiefs win Sunday, Hali and friends headed to Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao and left a monstrous tip for the staff. On an $1800 bill, Hali left $1000. That’s on top of the $300 automatically added to the check.


Tamba Hali, good guy.

“It made our day. Hands down, it made our day,” server Joshua Roan said. “The staff was over the top. He was the last guest in the building. There was a lot of shouting and hollering after he left. We had to wait until he left. We had to keep it professional.”

The Chiefs are 7-0 and everyone loves this team. They can do no wrong. Their pass rush is beautiful, an organized chaos led by Hali. Their schedule gets tougher the next few weeks with a showdown in Denver looming. That may be their litmus test. That’s when we find out how good they are.

Until then Hali, enjoy your Fogo de Chao. And waitstaff, enjoy not paying taxes on that monstrous tip.