Jim O’Heir creates ‘Abercrombie for Fat People’

Jimmy Kimmel Live addressed the Abercrombie anti-fat fiasco by having Parks and Rec star Jim O’Heir demonstrate how fat people can still wear Abercrombie clothes. Well, Abercrombercrombercrombie & Fitch.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this sketch, I might be the only person who doesn’t give a shit about this controversy. I’m not a small dude, though I can fit into Aberdouchbag’s stuff, but the fact that they don’t make clothes for fat people doesn’t offend me. The outright statement by the CEO that he doesn’t want fat people to wear Abercrombie doesn’t bother me either. At least he’s honest. Brands have been doing this forever, only instead of weight it was wealth.

Do you think that Louis Vuitton, Chanel and co. need to price their bags at the level they do to turn a profit? No. They do it because it makes their product a status symbol. Because it’s not a matter of size, the only way to control who buys their product is price, and they use it to ensure that only the elite to carry their items. I don’t hear poor people being outraged that Louis doesn’t want them carrying his ridiculously ugly brown bag. So why should clothing stores be held to a different standard?