The ‘DayZ’ stalker is both hilarious and somewhat creepy

DayZ, the ultra realistic first person zombie simulator, has already proven to be at its best when you’re being harassed by someone who seems legitimately batsh*t insane. Well, here’s another example.

Here’s the deal; some guy named Matt has been livestreaming his playthroughs, and for the past couple of days, this player just shows up to hunt him around, in a definitely unhinged manner.

Add in the fact that Matt is quite the skittish character and you have comedy gold! Here’s part one; choice quotes include: “Have you heard the good news? Have you heard it motherfucker?? IM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS…”

Part two is when things start getting good; note that it’s not so how what he says, like “I’m gonna rape your parents in the ass!”, or “I love killing people named Matt! I LOVE IT!”, but how he says it…

And choice quotes from part three includes “I’m gonna cut your balls off and boil them!”, “I’m gonna wear your hair!”, and “Those legs look like they’re slowing you down; why don’t you let me CUT THEM OFF!”

Though I guess it’s worth noting how my name is Matt, hence why the creep factor for me is especially off the charts.