‘The Grandmaster’ trailer: you’re always right if you can fight

The Grandmaster, a chronicle of Bruce Lee’s eventual teacher, Ip Man, already debuted in China, but we are just now getting the first US trailer. It features an impressive fight in the rain and a borderline comical voiceover. Apparently Liam Neeson thinks that as long as you end standing, you’re always right. I can’t tell if that’s actually Neeson, but it’s definitely what they were going for. I hope his statement isn’t accurate because I would always end up horizontal after fighting a Wing Chun infnat let alone master.

Several movies have already been made about Ip Man (or Yip Man), but people have been waiting for legendary director Wong Kar-wai’s version. It appears to have been worth the wait. I may forgo waiting any longer and track down the Chinese version. I don’t watch king fu movies for the dialog anyway.