The joys of poorly translated old Nintendo games

Though the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis had their fair share of games with awful Engrish as well.

It’s Monday morning, and you’ve been up all night, either celebrating the Super Bowl outcome or lamenting it. In either case, you probably have a horrible hang over and are stuck at work. So what better time for a 15-minute long video that explores wacky translation errors from the 8 and 16 bit?

The above is a rather thorough overview of the subject matter, narrated by a girl whose voice you will either find cute as hell or annoying as hell. I myself am in the former camp. Though feel free to skip 5:46 to 10:31, unless you were a diehard SNES JRPG fanboy (which I am not, hence why I almost feel asleep, due to sheer boredom).

Anyhow, if you find yourself with more time to kill this morning (especially if you skipped the five minute long JRPG segment in the first clip), here’s another clip by the same person, covering censorship…