‘The League’ gets 2 more years; FXX gets first show

The League has officially been picked up for Seasons 5 and 6! FX has also confirmed that Fox Soccer will be re-branded as the comedy-focused channel FXX.


It’s no surprise that The League picked up a couple more first downs. Many were skeptical if a show about fantasy football good gain much traction, but it has exceeded expectations at every turn. It was obvious from the get-go that it was a true sit-com that just happened to be set in a world of fantasy football. While it’s used for running jokes and to assist in creating plot points, you never feel like you’re just watching people argue about running backs. What does Adrian Peterson know about being Taco’s Eskimo brother? Nothing, because AP isn’t actually important to the show.

As for the creation of FXX, this is good news for all of us! I questioned whether they had enough programming to separate comedy from drama, but FX confirmed that they will support the move by creating more original shows. If the past 5 years have been any indication of the quality they create, I’m fully on board. As of now there are 4 dramas, 6 comedies, and 1 animated series. I regularly watch ten out of those eleven shows. Sorry, I’m too scared to watch American Horror Story. There’s still no other network batting with that kind of consistency.

UPDATE: It’s Always Sunny and Legit were also picked up for new seasons and will be a part of the new FXX alongside The League, according to Alan Sepinwall’s report from FX’s upfront presentation.