The Marlins kid is back and HOLY CRAP, HE’S REAL?!

Listen, I need to apologize here. Remember that Vine of the kid dancing at the Marlins game? Yeah, that one. I called it fake. I was VP of the #Vineghazi campaign. I found shadows that weren’t there, I put on my tinfoil hat, went Infowars on you. I was the sports’ version of Alex Jones.

It turns out I was wrong, very wrong. Marlins kid exists and dammit, he’s real—and dammit, he’s spectacular.

The Marlins posted this Vine from last night’s game.

Ok, we’ve established that Marlins kid is real. We’ve established the Vine heard ’round the world wasn’t photoshopped. Now we need to address his air humping. We need to address why it’s ok for a child to lift his shirt and gyrate his hips like a stripper.

Cause that ain’t ok.

[Bob’s Blitz]