The new ‘Aliens’ game looks decent, but sounds horrible

by 5 years ago

Aliens Colonial Marines certainly isn’t the first attempt at making an interactive version of the James Cameron classic, but it definitely looks to be one of the better ones. Too bad the audio is a totally different story.

The following trailer debuted a few days ago, for a game that seems to have been in development for seemingly ages. So many have been waiting with bated breath to see how it’s shaping up. And it’s definitely a fun watch, provided you have the audio turned off…

Unfortunately, as plenty of others have noted, the guy playing the role of the commanding officer pretty much ruins the whole thing. Hey, this is the same people who made Duke Nukem Forever, so it’s hardly a shocker. Which is why one person decided to remove the crappy voice work…

Much better, isn’t it? Though here’s yet another re-edit, courtesy of Boing Boing, that has the entirely of the audio replaced by the soundtrack from the movie, and it’s even better…

As one guy on YouTube put it best: “Cool, but even the Benny Hill tune would have improved it compared to what they shat out.”

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