The new ‘Metal Gear’ lead is no match for a cat it would seem

So, have you given the Metal Gear Rising: Revengence demo a spin? And did you try slicing and dicing the little kitty cat on the beach? And did you fail miserably as well?

For those believing that the above is just a safeguard, to help prevent the gristly death of a cute and cuddly creature, and a nasty backlash from angry parents or PETA: you obviously are not familiar with Metal Gear.

I can guarantee you that this cat’s agility has storyline implications, one that will be revealed in the third or fourth sequel. $20 says that he’s cloned from the a cat that played a pivotal part of the Cuban missile crisis, a chapter of American history that none of us no knows about.

By the way, I’m not making a joke here. Am legit serious.