The real reason people go to EDM festivals

A new video from Electric Daisy Carnival titled “Lights 4K” will amaze you while testing the limits of your computer. It’s uploaded with a resolution of 4096×3072, and I highly suggest you play it a that way. Walk away and let it load if you have to.

The typical EDM hater can always be heard asking, “Why would you pay money to see someone press buttons?” Well, the answer is simple – pretty lights and sexy ladies. Oh, and dancing and drugs. But mostly the first two. You can spend an entire summer following around the Warped Tour, but you still won’t have seen the level of sexiness (high-waisted shorts notwithstanding) or state of undress that you would in one day at EDC. And you’d be hard pressed to find any concert with a comparable light show to even a middling EDM act. It’s all about the spectacle. People love the music, but more so it’s about the experience.