Introducing Suitsy: The Jumpsuit Disguised As A Suit, A Onesie For The Bro On The Go



Bros! Do you love the look and feel of a suit but hate the hassle of putting one on? Well DO I HAVE THE THING FOR YOU: The Suitsy. The Suitsy is a onesie suit for the bro on the go.

Should you be ashamed if you’re caught wearing this in public? Well that all depends on you. Are you going to f*cking OWN IT, and rock The Suitsy as if it’s the most bada$$ piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Or are you going to slug it around town like a little beotch who’s only doing it because he’s too lazy to put on a suit?

Either you embrace The Suitsy whole-heartedly, or you leave it alone. If you’re not willing to commit to The Suitsy be prepared to get torn apart in public for wearing a onesie. But if you’re alpha enough, this might be the single greatest garment to ever touch your body:

via BetaBrand

Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage once more in GIF, shall we?

The simplest suit you’ll ever own…



Only ONE ZIPPER for the more intimate moments…



Just think of the endless opportunities of a onesie suit, if you’re willing to take that plunge….


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