The Swoosh: A tiny, tiny laundry device

One of the most annoying things about laundry is the fact that sometimes, you’ll need, say, a pair of clean socks or a few clean towels, but in order to justify the cost, you have to do an entire load. Which at best means you’re doing laundry in your building and at worst a visit to the laundromat, the place that makes the bus station look classy.


King Jim

So while it won’t clean your jeans, the Swoosh might be handy.

The Swoosh looks like a blender, but is essentially a tiny little washing machine. It can only handle about half a pound of laundry at a time, so don’t bother stuffing your jeans in this things. But a dirty T-shirt? A few pairs of socks? Go for it.

Add a gallon of water, some detergent, and your dirty clothes and get those suckers washed. You will have to drain the dirty water, which provides its own challenges since dumping it down the sink is a bad idea, but at least now you won’t have to burn through all your quarters because you need socks.

The Swoosh [Far East Gizmos]