The Titanium Utility Ring, because you can’t have too many tools

Rings, on a man, tend to be questionable fashion choices unless it’s a wedding ring. Pick the wrong size or put it on the wrong finger, and you’re basically telling the world you have money but no taste or class.

Boone Rings

Fortunately, none of this applies to the Titanium Utility Ring.

Made out of titanium plates and brass rivets, it includes a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw, a bottle opener (as all multitools are required to have a bottle opener) and, bafflingly, a comb. Bruce Boone, the jeweler and designer, claims that the comb is surprisingly effective for the head or the mustache given its size.

We’re a bit skeptical of that last claim, but Boone knows what he’s doing: Working entirely in titanium, he’s come up with rings like a titanium ring with a working piston set on it. And since it’s made out of titanium, a pretty hard metal to wreck, you know it won’t be deforming if you put it through abuse.

The ring is a good choice for campers, and buying one will run you $385.

Utility Ring [Boone Rings]