There’s a stolen ‘Breaking Bad’ script out there somewhere


You don’t steal from Heisenberg. Bad things will happen to you. The final season of Breaking Bad is being kept so secret that it’s ridiculous – nobody knows what the final fate of Walter White will be except the cast and crew. Oh, and maybe a petty thief who broke into Bryan Cranston’s car.

On March 1st, an Albuquerque man named Xavier Macafee spotted Cranston’s car parked at New Mexico’s Sandia Peak and forced entry to the vehicle. Once inside, he swiped a bag that contained the actor’s iPad and a copy of the shooting script for a single episode. From what we know, the script wasn’t for the finale, but I’m sure it’s still chock full of spoilers.

According to ABC News, cops have busted Macafee after a tipster heard him bragging about the crime in a local bar. Unfortunately, neither the tablet nor the script were retrieved from his home after a search. He’s also refusing to confess to the crime and tell the cops what he did with the goods.

If he was smart, Mcafee could have hocked the script to one of dozens of nerd sites who would be slavering to get spoilers before anyone else. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s very smart, considering he has nine felony arrests, eleven misdemeanors and a DWI on his record. This does lead us into a mystery, though – where did he stash the goods? Did he pull a Walter White and hide the script under the floorboards of his house?

Breaking Bad co-star Charles Baker (aka Skinny Pete) has made a plea to the crook, one scumbag to another, asking him to not ruin the show. We’ll have more on this story as it develops. Breaking Bad‘s final run of episodes starts this summer.