A game that has you squeezing slabs of raw meat to control it

Sorta makes waving your arms around, to manipulate the Kinect, not so bad in comparison, right?

Last weekend was the Global Game Jam, in which game makers across the globe had 48 hours to make something from scratch. Perhaps the most noteworthy final product is Heart to Get, which Destructoid describes as “a game you play by literally beating your meat”

Never mind how a disembodied heart with a top hat is trying to basically rape another that’s sporting a bow-tie, it’s how you also have to control them by rhythmically caressing and gripping chunks of dead animal flesh, less you make a huge bloody mess.

Sounds like some kind of wacky European porn, right? Close; it’s some kind of wacky European video game. Man, the Dutch (it’s from some art school in the Netherlands to be exact) sure are strange people.