7 things modern technology still can’t do for us

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Technology is an incredible thing: it entertains us and gives us meaning; it keeps us alive and keeps us nourished; it helps us connect and communicate; it allows us to do so much that we never thought was possible. But, it’s not the answer to life’s problems.

7 Make Us More Open-Minded

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Does the Internet really help us see other points of view, or are we just defensively reacting against opposing views and becoming more entrenched in what our emotional instincts tell us is right? Do we really become more open-minded after connecting with those of different belief systems or schools of thought, or does it just make us blind with rage and ready to hate-comment them into oblivion?

6 Make Us More Efficient

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How much more efficient are we today, really? It seems that even with the advent of so much efficiency-driven technology we’re still busier, more stressed out and strapped for time than ever. The efficiency of technology seems to have been counteracted by a world that constantly demands more due to those efficiencies. It’s a never-ending spiral. Plus, YouTube. Amirite?

5 Help Us Build Things

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Sure, many of us can slap together a Word document, build a Powerpoint presentation or write up an email fairly quickly, helping us to communicate and share and connect, but when something physical has to be built it’s still costly, complex and prone to politics and delays. Like that construction site you’ve driven past a thousand times and wondered just how much longer it could possibly take to finish and then when it was finally completed a construction site just popped up somewhere else, starting the cycle anew.

4 Provide Us With a Good Match

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Technically, dating sites can do this, but as most users will tell you, it takes a ton of valuable time and frustrating trial-and-error to achieve…kind of like dating in real life. Complex algorithms that match us based on certain traits and behaviors have nothing on in-person encounters. Ask any online dater and they’re sure to have a Halloween-worthy horror story for you.

3 Stop Mother Nature

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No matter how much technology advances, the world always finds ways to throw natural disasters at us, causing massive damage and loss of life in its wake. We can be alerted to the presence of disasters further in advance, and technology certainly has helped more than one family reunite after being separated or caring citizens to donate to the Red Cross, but when a hurricane is en route, there is nothing to stop it.

2 Printers/Fax Machines/Plastic Wrap

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If I was a lame superhero, these would be my arch nemeses. They never work the right way and they probably never will.

1 Make Us Happy

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Technology is frequently used to alleviate anxiety, rather than enhance life. Instead of following passions, having new experiences and connecting deeply with few, electronic devices and the Internet are being used as a distraction from life, for having the same comfort-zone experiences over and over and to make shallow connections with many. Then again, the Internet does have a lot of kittens.