‘This is the End’ red band trailer is insane

This is the End is a full-length comedy featuring actors playing themselves. I know, it’s a tough concept to wrap your head around, so just watch the new red band trailer and it will all make sense.

Of course by “it will all make sense” I just meant the concept. I still have no clue what’s happening in the movie. There’s a sink hole, some sort of aliens beaming people up, a monster running around James Franco’s house, and Michael Cera is thankfully dead. Through all that, no one is willing to help Aziz Ansari out, though it’s understandable because all his jumping around and yelling would probably get annoying in a crisis. It seems to feature every comedic actor of relevance for the past five years, plus Rihanna and Emma Watson with an axe. Hermione is reason enough alone for me to see This is the End.

Here’s most of the cast:
James Franco
Jonah Hill
Seth Rogen
Jay Baruchel
Danny McBride
Craig Robinson
Emma Watson
Michael Cera
Jason Segel
David Krumholtz
Paul Rudd
Mindy Kaling
Martin Starr
Kevin Hart
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Aziz Ansari
Backstreet Boys