Early 90s Nintendo marketing video is as awesome/bad as it gets

You’d think that Nintendo, a place that pays its rent by producing Super Mario games would be a fun place to work and do business with, and thus a hard sell would not be necessary, right? Wrong.

The following, courtesy of Kotaku, is much like every other video that’s designed to wet the appetites of prospective employees and partners. But unlike one for Burger King, for example, which tries to convince us all that making Whoppers for $5 an hour is somehow not soul crushing, such enthusiasm is total overkill. Yet lo and behold…

Gotta admit, the video totally makes me want to do business with Nintendo. And it’s not the constant camera zooms and tilts, nor the constant shifting to b&w and color, nor the quick cuts. Swear to God.

By the way, my favorite parts:

0:38 Check out that dude’s ponytail. I mean, look at it.

2:50 That Game Boy that survived Desert Storm is a real deal! It’s currently on display as part of the “museum” at the Nintendo World Store in NYC. Neat.

3:55 I can’t imagine working at a cubicle in which, just a few feet away, is this dude playing Starfox in the most “I’m old, I’m rich, I’m white, and I LOVE IT!” manner possible, all day, every day.

5:10 I love how, out of the blue, our host is just leaning on a sword. Just cuz.