ZOMGWTFNOPE: Man Has Moth AND Tick Stuck Inside His Ear At The Same Time

Prepare to witness your worst nightmare: this man has just had a moth fly into and get stuck in his ear, and while extracting it they also discover a tick lodged within. So. Much. NOPE.

I’m not particularly squeamish. Blood doesn’t bother me. Growing up I had snakes and frogs as pets (amongst everything else). I’ve held tarantulas in the rain forest. However, this is some straight up NOPE inducing footage right here and I almost wanted nothing to do with it. If it wasn’t so outrageous, and I didn’t feel so compelled to share this man’s plight with you, I’d probably actively try to get this clip removed from my brain, the Internet, and everything in between. How bad of luck can one man possibly have? A fucking moth flies into his ear canal out of nowhere and then he finds out he also has a damn tick living in there?!?!?
From the video: “Oh my god where have you been?” “Oh my god is there a tick in my my ear? What the fuck”…spoken like any man who just found out there’s both a tick AND a moth in his ear….


Sorry bros, I really wanted to make a few GIFs of this for you but after watching this video three times I’m OUT. Not watching again. You can’t make me. I don’t care what you do or say, this video is no longer a party of my life.