8 tips for avoiding a speeding ticket when you’ve been pulled over


No one likes getting a speeding ticket, but since speeders gonna speed, they’re also going to get tickets from time to time. Instead of reviewing what to do if you get a ticket, we’re going to do our best to help you avoid getting one in the first place. Don’t be a cog in the revenue collection machine – speeders unite!

8. Slow Down and Get Over ASAP

As soon as you see those flashing lights, you need to comply. Get as far off the road as is safe, as soon as is safe. This is all about making the situation as easy for the officer as possible.

7. Create a Safe Environment

If you’ve ever seen Cops or one of those America’s Most… shows, you know officers of the law take their safety and the safety of others very seriously.

Here’s how you create a safe feeling environment: remove your hat and sunglasses; get your license and registration out; turn your headlights off; put your interior lights on; turn off your music.

6. Don’t Provide a Reason to Escalate

Just as you should create a safe environment to put the officer at ease, it’s even more important to keep the situation from escalating.

Police officers can search you or your vehicle if there is probable cause. For example: suspected concealment of a weapon or illegal substance. By the time the officer gets out of their car and walks toward yours, you should have your license and registration prepared so you can keep your hands where the officer can see them. And never, ever get out of your car.

5. Let the Officer Guide the Conversation


The officer will ask if you know why you were pulled over. Use brief, non-committal answers. (“I don’t think so, sir.”) The officer will tell you why you were pulled over. (“I understand, sir.”) This leads us to our next tip…

4. Don’t Get Lulled into a False Sense of Security

Officers may appear as if they’re trying to be your friend, but make no mistake; they are trying to extract an admission of guilt to use against you in court. Be friendly, be cordial, but do not admit to anything or make an apology for anything specific.

3. Be Respectful

By nature, police officers enjoy respect. Make eye contact with them, speak clearly, call them “sir,” “ma’am” or “officer” and accommodate their requests with haste.

2. Be Sorry

Police officers are human beings. Even if you aren’t a big-breasted blonde pleading her innocence to a male cop, you still get points for showing concern and sorrow for what you may or may not have done.

1. Show Them Your Get Out of Jail Free Card


And finally, if you have one, show your PBA card. (If you know an officer of the law you have mutual trust with, ask them if they wouldn’t mind providing you with one “just in case.”) This can work wonders. We also hear they’re fetching top dollar on eBay.

Good luck!

Man pulled over image by Shutterstock
Policeman image by Shutterstock