‘Tobias Fünke’s Sizzling Reel’ inserts him anywhere

Arrested Development‘s Tobia Funke is one of the best characters of our generation, and he’s getting another shot at the big time. Instead of actually starring in movies, he’s made it easy to insert him anywhere. Ron Howard is already on board.


The new season of Arrested Development should be amazing if this is the sort of nonsense that’s in store for us. The accompanying internet activity, to which I think every show secretly caters, will be excessive. It won’t be long until you see an entire series of Dr. Tobias Funke photoshops. The website InsertMeAnywhere.biz is a real thing, and under the pretense of the business, they’ve made it very easy to pull the images to reuse.

Colin Joliat | Megalyrics

See how easy that was?