Today’s movie, TV and video game news

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Why read a whole bunch of posts? This one has everything. A lot of news comes down the pipeline every day that’s not quite enough to merit a full post, but still worth talking about. Here’s the buzz from the world of games, TV and movies.

New Xbox announcement on May 21


The big news of the day is that Microsoft is getting ready to announce their next-generation console, which rumor has it will simply be called “Xbox,” no number or anything. They’ll be doing a live presentation – which you can watch on your current Xbox – on May 21st. We’ll live-blog it, no worries.

Arrested Development Season 4 pictures


Entertainment Weekly has a ton of new shots from Netflix’s revival of the cult hit sitcom. Check them all out here.

New Star Trek: Into Darkness clip

If they keep releasing clips from this movie at this rate, we’ll have seen the whole thing by the time it opens in theaters. Ah well, here’s a bit with Kirk, Spock and Uhura trying to escape certain death.

Marvel Studios gets Daredevil back

With Disney now owning Marvel Comics, it doesn’t make sense for the company to license its characters out to studios like it used to. One hero is now home – Marvel got the rights back to blind crimefighter Daredevil from Fox this week, according to Newsarama. The last DD movie, starring Ben Affleck, was pretty lame, but the character has potential.

New After Earth TV spot

Ugh, this movie looks pretty bad. Will Smith and Jaden Smith are survivors of a human race that has fled the earth because of pollution and now they’re back on the earth because of science and the CGI is really, really atrocious. After Earth opens on May 31st.

VHS 2 poster

Magnet Releasing

Low-budget horror anthology VHS has become a bit of a cult favorite, so it’s no surprise a sequel’s in the offing. Here’s a pretty stylish poster for the flick, which contains four segments and opens on July 12th.