The shocking photo of a rugby player peeing into his own mouth

Meet Todd Carney, the rugby player who lost his job because he urinated in his mouth. The incriminating photo began circulating on social media Saturday night and not long after, Carney’s employer, the Cronulla Sharks, cut ties with him. Carney lost his $650k/year contract as a result. Ouch.

This is the image in question, we’ve made it safe for work because really, who wants to see that on a Monday morning (or anytime for that matter).

Carney says he didn’t know the image existed. Nah, really?

“I’ve been through this situation before but this is the toughest,” he told the Nine Network on Monday. “It’s something I didn’t know was out there and would surface like this. To receive the message on Saturday night was gut-wrenching.”

“It was just a prank, the boys have seen me doing it before,” Carney said. “I didn’t know it had been taken and I didn’t think it would become public.

“Much as it’s hurt Cronulla, it’s hurt my pride and my dignity as a person and my mum and my sisters.

“I didn’t do it for a picture to be taken, I didn’t do it to let anyone down.”

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there—especially the urine drinking enthusiasts. If you’re going to pee in your mouth, make sure there aren’t cameras around. Also, in general, don’t do that. It’s kinda gross.

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