Tons of new ‘Game Of Thrones’ images

I am slavering for this show to return. With a lot of shows, I have to check Wikipedia before a new season starts to remind myself of where we left off. Not with Game Of Thrones. I’ve got that steez memorized. Tyrion’s not Hand of the King anymore with his Dad stepping in to do the job. Daenerys has her dragons back and she’s setting sail for Westeros. Jon Snow’s up North with the Wildlings and we’re going to meet the dude in charge up there. Winterfell is burned to the ground but Bran and Rickon are on the run with ol’ faithful Hodor. Seriously, I could pass a SAT on this show. Here’s a bunch of new shots from HBO of the upcoming season, including a potential Jamie Lannister spoiler. Season 3 of Game Of Thrones premieres March 31 on HBO.