Top 10 list of the hottest female ‘Sonic’ characters is insane

Why? Why not? Plus “the Sonic Universe might also be classified as ‘Hot Chick Heaven’.” Provided you’re into women who are also half swallow, echidna, or bat, and are also not real.

Perhaps it’s a bit overkill to have two postings that are furry-related in one day, but today’s been a bit of a slow day, sorry. Actually it’s not; I just really want to pass the following along, which Dorky recently stumbled upon…

At the very least, the creator of the vid does his very best to support his arguments…

She’s attractive and is the size of an average human mother.

Speaking of, Vanilla The Rabbit totally got robbed. Sorry, but I’m hopelessly into MOSTHCILFs (moms of Sonic The Hedgehog characters I’d like to f*ck). Anyhow, and not surprisingly, the comments on the YouTube vid are a tad bit on the negative side…

I’m sad now.

I hate the world.

I feel terrible for your father

You guys are all just haters standing between a man and his batgirl waifu.

This is beyond pathetic. I seriously hope this guy fucking dies

you are a very creepy person sir, also are you a brony?

You need to get laid…

12 seconds

I disagree with #1 because she is A GROSS BAT!
If her bat-face was gone, I would do! But the bat-face is there, so it’s not.

Hey, haters gonna hate. Also, say what you will about the person responsible, but the degree of enthusiasm he’s is oozing with is sorely lacking in our lives, and that might be the saddest fact of them all.