‘Tripping Through Time’ Might Not Be The Newest Meme But It’s Sure As Hell The Funniest One You’ll See Today

by 4 years ago


‘Tripping Through Time’ is NOT a new meme. The whole meme concept of slapping a modern caption on to extremely weird gothic paintings and art has been around for a few years, but that doesn’t make ‘Tripping Through Time’ and less funny. Much like a fine wine I think that as a meme ‘Tripping Through Time’ has only gotten better with age. Over the past year or two people have really narrowed down to the best pictures and/or paintings from yesteryear, and the captions just keep getting better and better.

For those of you who are intimately familiar with the ‘Tripping Through Time’ meme already I’ll ask that you forgive me for a second while I explain the premise to those out there who aren’t already in the know. Tripping Through Time is pretty much your basic image macro meme, meaning someone takes a picture of something funny and applies a caption to it. What sets the Tripping Through Time meme apart from the rest is that the images used are pictures of paintings and sculptures that date as far back as biblical times and span mostly between the time of Jesus on up through the 1800’s, so basically any period of time that wouldn’t be characterized as ‘modern times’. From there the pictures and captions get pretty damn offensive, so if you’re not able to laugh at just about anything then turn away now, because the Tripping Through Time Meme is probably not for you. And while you might be inclined to say that some of the pics are borderline NSFW I need you to keep in mind that these are all pictures of paintings that are sitting in museums, so there’s nothing NSFW about it.

As for where the majority of these memes all came from the largest hub on the Internet for the Tripping Through Time meme is currently the dedicated subreddit. So if these 48 pics of the Tripping Through Time meme weren’t enough for you then follow that link on over to Reddit for more! Also, if I missed any of your favorites go tweet them at me and I’ll include them here!





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