Twins: Tracy Barnes’ heartwarming Olympic story

Tracy Barnes qualified for the last spot on the U.S. women’s biathlon team. What she did next is nothing short of heroic. The result? The happiest sister in the world and a heartwarming Guinness commercial that’s will disappear after today.

Tracy Barnes captured the fifth and final spot on the team, but she knew Lanny had the next best record. By giving up her spot, her twin sister would get to go. If that’s not selflessness, I don’t know what is. Of course Lanny protested, but there was nothing she could do to stop her sister. And for those worried about the quality of Team USA, it seems as though Lanny is actually the stronger competitor, so no need to worry about this heartwarming gesture affecting your competitive pride.

Where does Guinness come into play? Nowhere, really. They just thought it was an amazing story that fits into their recently developed “Made of More” campaign. You might remember their previous commercial about wheelchair basketball. Unfortunately due to Olympic regulations, the commercial can only air until tomorrow, at which point only official Olympic sponsors are allowed to use athletes in commercials.