Twitter app gets a greatly needed overhaul

Twitter’s apps for Android and iOS have been… OK. Useful, not great, kind of in need of an overhaul. And it finally got one.



There are a lot of changes, but let’s start with the annoyance you didn’t know you had: Now when you click on a link in a Twitter mobile app, it actually sends you to the link instead of making the Tweet bigger.

There’s a lot of this simplification. Search and Discover now just put everything into one stream, instead of multiple streams. Connect, where your replies and retweets go, now defaults to showing you everything. Oh, and iPhone users? You finally get a search button. Welcome to the party!

Mostly what’s noticeable is that it’s more usable. I’m on Twitter constantly, on my tablet and my phone, and the update has made a considerable difference in how fast the app is, how many fewer steps you have to take to do something.

While it’s not exactly earth-shaking, it turns something that was just OK into something genuinely good. If you’ve got Twitter for your phone already, the update should be downloaded, and if not, you can find it on your phone’s app store.

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