Here are the 10 most talked about sports events on Twitter

by 5 years ago

Turns out, fans really like yapping about sports on Twitter. I know, I’m just as shocked as you. According to Nielsen, here are the top 10 sports moment in the last 9 months.


Unsurprisingly, football is king in the good ol’ USA. We simply can’t get enough of it. Of note here is the NFC championship game which featured arguably the most insane, idiotic interview in television history. I’m of course speaking about Richard Sherman ranting and raving like a crazy man. Twitter was full of hot sports takes that night. If you had a functioning keyboard you were pecking away about Sherman. His interview alone propelled the game to #2 on the list.

Also of note here is the absence of any World Series games—because HAHA baseball. Everyone point and laugh at America’s pasttime.

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