USA vs. Belgium, cautionary tales, Kate Bock and more are winning the Internet today

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Fun Ways to Avoid Saying You’re Unemployed

MTV Guy Code

#3: “First of all, I have a Bat-cave, so let’s just end it there, pal.”
19 Fun Ways to Avoid Saying You’re Unemployed

Cartoon Characters Still in the Closet


Some day these cartoon characters will finally be free to be themselves.
Famously-Suspect: A Gallery of Cartoon Characters in the Closet

It’ll Suddenly be So Quiet


Kate Bock is Canada’s Finest

SI Extra Mustard

In celebration of Canada Day. Whatever that is.
SI Hot Clicks

A Hearty Helping of Motivation

Caveman Circus

Ready to get pumped?
A Hearty Helping of Motivation to Help You Conquer the Week

New York Yankees Ticketbombing

Model Missy REALLY Knows How to Work a Thong

Gorilla Mask

She’s pretty damn good at using a handbras as well.
Missy (NSFWish)

Tale of the Tape: Team USA vs. Belgium

Fox Sports Buzzer

We win, but just barely, as you will see.
Team USA vs. Belgium: Tale of the Tape

13 Killer Pics of Jennifer Selter

Girls in Yoga Pants

My day just got instantly better.
13 Pics of Jennifer Selter to Make Your Week Not Suck

I, For One, Look Forward to That Administration


Funny Sports Cautionary Tales

Bleacher Report

Not all important lessons are life and death. Some are hilarious.
Funny Sports Cautionary Tales

Nina Agdal is See-Through


Well, her top is, not her, just to clarify.
Nina Agdal is Extremely Photogenic (NSFWish)

Ultra Hoppy Beers You Can Drink Right Now

Cool Material

Now you have plans for the weekend!
7 Ultra Hoppy Beers You Can Drink Right Now

Hot Texas Tech Cheerleader is Pissing People Off


You know what? I can kind of see why.
People are Pissed at This Hot Texas Tech Cheerleader

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

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BET Awards babes, ancient guy code, Ashlyn Coray and more!