This Video Of Millennials Reaction To 80’s Fashion Makes Me Want To Punch A Teen

Listen up you little pissants, you weren’t there, you don’t know how awesome it was. 80’s fashion was just one aspect of the 80’s zeitgeist, and it was AWESOME. So shut your damn trapper keeper and get off my lawn!

But seriously though, the 80’s were awesome. Even if I only remember some of it because that’s when I was born, by the time I was old enough to watch TV & movies the only things on were from the 80’s. Back in the days of VHS there was a seemingly 5 year gap between screen-to-home when it came to film, so when I was renting tapes from Video Library well into the early 90’s I definitely still thought it was the 80’s, based on all the glorious martial arts films I was absorbing.

These millennials all deserve to have their knuckles cracked with a ruler for their insolence…how far does the age gap have to be before you can’t shit talk your elders? The people wearing those clothes they’re all reacting too are easily 40’s to 50’s now, and deserve to have their authority respected!

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