Vulcan Ale is the unofficial beer of Star Trek



Trekkies rejoice; Vulcan Ale is becoming a real product! I caution you though, this new brew out of Canada could cause beer geeks and Star Trek geeks to combine forces to create some new species of mega-geek.

Vulcan Ale will be a high-quality handcrafted Irish Red Ale that promises to explore a new universe of taste.

Who knew the secret to living long and prospering was to get drunk? It’s so easy!

In a weird twist of outsourcing, this Canadian beer will be brewed by Harvest Moon Brewing Co in Montana but sold in Canada. No word on if it will be sold in the States, but logic demands that it will be. You can follow the beer on Facebook if you’re into that sort of thing.

This is Star Trek’s first “officially licensed alcoholic beverage.” With all of the conventions and gatherings of Trekkies though, I hardly think it will be the last. I’m actually surprised it took this long for it to happen. In a different galaxy, one far, far away, we should probably expect to see a JedIPA.

via The Star and StarTrek