The new ‘Walking Dead’ game ain’t looking so good thus far

So you’ve played through the absolutely brilliant adventure game adaptation, which topped every top list for best game of 2012. What’s next? How about a completely stupid and boring as hell looking first person shooter?

Virtually everything in the following Walking Dead game trailer screams hobbled together, lazy-ass cash grab. Aside from looking excessively generic and derivative, it sports extremely bland textures and is also filled to the brim with screen tearing…

Here’s the thing: upon its debut, the trailer above was universally panned, and for good reason. Though it has just been revealed that the above is also a fan creation, using very early, work in progress footage. Okay.

But there are plenty of games in its earliest stages that manages to exhibit some trace of personality or originality that is still sorely lacking here. Even if the textures improve and the screen tearing is fixed, it’ll probably still be a boring as hell game. So just do yourself and favor and get that other first person zombie simulator, which I highlighted just this morning.

Sure there’s no license attached, but aside from looking technically more impressive (which is quite the feat, given that the disparity between budgets between The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and DayZ is literally 1,000 to 1), it’s also filled to brim with personality and atmosphere, which is the biggest fumble with the above.