Amateur stripper suffers nasty pole fail, smashes face into the ground at Encore Beach Club

Johnny Manziel attempted to forget that he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns by partying at the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn in Las Vegas and checking out DJ Diplo spin. Meanwhile this young aspiring stripper forgot about gravity. This young girl wanted and received attention as she worked the pole at the EBC, but it appears she needs to take a couple more pole dancing classes from Groupon. The girl climbs onto the pole and attempts a graceful decent, but did not include the graceful part and slams her head right into the pavement. You have to give her credit, she nearly paralyzes herself, but she gets right back up and is ready to party despite her concussion. What a trooper.

Cover Charge – $50
Bottle Service – $500
Cabana So You Look Important – $3,000
Seeing Some Chick Faceplant On A Stripper Pole – Priceless


Those horrified faces though.

Stripper  Fail In Las Vegas at the Encore Beach Club


Via Jay Diaz on YouTube