Woman beats a guy in ‘Soul Calibur’ without looking at screen

Her name is Kayane and she’s apparently one of the top Soul Calibur 5 players in the world. As it’s patently obvious in the following clip.

Not much else to say, other than she’s easy on the eyes and has no need for hers, at least when it comes to totally walloping some dude from the crowd…

Actually, that’s only a half-truth: according to Kotaku, which brought the video to everyone’s attention, she is able to tell how she’s doing by looking at their faces in the crowd and gauging their feedback. Beyond impressive.

Oh, and not surprisingly, the comments portion of the YouTube clip is filled with scintillating observations…


“do it on SC2 a game that is less noob and button masher friendly. better yet do it on virtua fighter”

“Hey this is America speak english.”

“She’s using reflections to look at the screen you can tell by the way the pans and then focuses with her eye. She uses the camera lens at one point. She played it off pretty well though.”

“Natsu vs Raphael. Top tier vs worst character in the game. Pro player vs a scrub who does not know what he is doing. This is just showboating i have done this myself you can only do it against people who have no idea how to truly play the game. To see a top soul player do this is kinda an insult to how shitty SCV is and i can only hope that namco is doing something for SCVI”

“There’s a law in Oriental countries that requires people to use all their time to become ridiculously good at something to the point of obsession. I just made that up but after seeing this and the counterstrike shit etc, i have come to that conclusion”

I guess I’d probably say the same kind of stuff if I never kissed a girl and was intensely bitter as a result also. Though I will agree that the camerawork leaves a lot to be desired.