What to watch tonight: ‘The Americans’, ‘Jeopardy’

Why do Wednesday’s suck so bad? Outside of The Americans, there’s nothing on TV. And don’t come at me with Modern Family. That show is basically one stereotype after another. Oh my God, Sofia Vergara can’t speak English. And these gay guys act really gay. It’s basically a glorified Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, here’s what to watch tonight.

Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman @ 9pm, Science: If I have a documentary, I want two people narrating: Morgan Freeman or Fran Drescher.

The Americans @ 10pm, FX: If you’re wondering, yes, this is infinitely better than Justified right now. A Goddamn shame.

Georgia Tech-Boston College @ 7pm, ESPN: Sure, why not, it’s March Mardness.

Jeopardy @ 7:30pm, NBC: Arthur Chu has won $297,200. Can he continue his winning streak?