What to watch tonight: ‘Scandal’ fall finale

Listen, we’ve had horrible Thursday night Football games this year. This one tonight, however? This one should be good. I think. Actually, I have no idea. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

White Collar @ 9pm, USA: You’re either going to watch this or Gray’s Anatomy and if you’re watching Gray’s Anatomy, God help you.

Scandal @ 10pm, ABC: What kind of trouble has Olivia Pope gotten

Parenthood @ 10pm, NBC: So, like, they have to get rid of Ryan right? Dude’s gonna beat the shit out of Amber if this goes on any longer.

The Big Ban Theory @ 8pm, CBS: In tonight’s episode, the gang looks at life without Sheldon.

Chargers-Broncos @ 8pm, NFL: The Broncos can clinch the AFC West with a twin tonight. A loss all but eliminates the Chargers from playoff contention.

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