What to watch tonight: ‘South Park’, World Series

South Park
had to postpone last week’s episode after a flood or something at South Park studios. They’re back tonight with an episode about emo vs. goth. Elsewhere, Game 1 of the World Series. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

American Horror Story: Coven @ 10pm, FX: Our thoughts on this year’s American Horry Story. Possible spoilers.

South Park @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Every once in awhile South Park hits on the goth kids and it’s great.

2013 World Series @ 8pm, FOX: Because everyone wanted a matchup with the two most annoying fanbases in sports.

Revolution @ 8pm, NBC: You need an alternative to the World Series at 8 and trust me, this might be the only other thing that’s watchable.