What a first person ‘Super Mario’ game would be like

by 6 years ago

Well, the old school 2D variety of Super Mario at least. And it’s kind of awesome, actually! As well as confusing, nausea inducing, and frustrating.

The idea of Super Mario Bros as a first person game is not exactly original; just do a quick search on YouTube to see what I mean. But the following is by the YouTube filmmaker who has a thing for both video games and Final Cut Pro, Freddie Wong, who not surprisingly does easily the best (and most accurate) take yet…

As the above proves, playing a 2D Mario game in 3D is basically impossible. It’s both dizzying and maddening; why not just move to the side? Hence why the 3D versions play the way they do. Though I certainly wouldn’t mind Super Mario Galaxy 3 looking like Freddie’s idea of Super Mario Bros 3.

For perhaps obvious reasons, the video above reminds of the time Rooster Teeth…

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