What to watch tonight: ‘90210’ series finale, ‘How I Met Your Mother’


I gave up on How I Met Your Mother for the second half of this season. They pulled me back in tonight with rumors of the mother appearing. Are they pulling a fast one on us? Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

90210 @ 8pm, The CW: The second go around of 90210 comes to an end tonight. I admit, I watched for a season. It’s a lowlight in my life.

How I Met Your Mother @ 8pm, CBS: WE MEET THE MOTHER TONIGHT…maybe.

Castle @ 10pm, ABC: I’m amazed the show has lasted this long. Is a spinoff in the works for Stana Katic?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno @ 11:37 pm, NBC: Miranda Lambert is tonight’s guest and she’s quite lovely. Chubby, yes. But lovely all the same.

WWE Monday Night Raw @ 8pm, USA: Apparently Chris Jericho and Fandango are competing in a dance off. Must-watch TV?