What to watch tonight: ‘Parks and Rec’ season finale, Nuggets-Warriors


A brief word here about The Office, a once great show that’s now bleeding out at the finish line. It should have ended the moment Michael Scott left the show. That scene in the airport should have been the denouement. Instead, we’ve had to deal with these Pam-Jim shenanigans and the lost season of James Spader.

I’ll still watch because I’ve devoted most of my adult life to it but I’m disappointed it’s gotten so bad.

The Office @ 8:30pm, NBC: Andy somehow made it as an actor and he’s leaving Dunder Mifflin. Can this show end already?

Parks and Rec @ 9:30pm, NBC: NBC’s finest comedy comes to a 5th season conclusion.

Swamp People @ 9pm, History: Again, if you’ve never watched this show, you’re missing out. The people speak English and yet, there are subtitles.

Nuggets-Warriors @ 10:30pm, TNT: This is must-watch TV. Trust me. Shaping up as perhaps the greatest first round series of the last decade.

Gigolos: The Spurt Locker @ 11pm, Showtime: Gonna need the ladies help on this one. Never watched the show and probably never will. I expect a review in my email tomorrow morning.