What to watch tonight: ‘The Office’ finale


The Office was great for a long time and was probably NBC’s best sitcom of the last decade. It got stale in seasons five and six before Michael Scott took off. The brutal Robert California season turned most fans away and was a low point for NBC in general.

But I still watched. I endured great hardship and much ridicule but I watched.

Tonight’s episode is its last and I’m sad to see it go. But deep down, I know it’s been gone for years.

The Office @ 8pm, NBC: NBC’s best show since Seinfeld comes to a close.

The Big Bang Theory @ 8pm, CBS: Because people watch this show apparently.

Scandal @ 10pm, ABC: Olivia Pope leads the most exciting life of anyone, fictional or otherwise.

Hannibal @ 10:15pm, NBC: So this show’s really good and I suggest you watch it.

NBA playoffs @ 8pm, TNT/ESPN: So if the Spurs and Pacers win tonight there will be a 5-day sabbatical from playoff basketball. Well done David Stern.