What TV shows we should watch tonight


Not a fan of Hawaii Five-O but this wacky idea where a live audience chooses the ending is quite fantastic. Elsewhere, first round action of the Australian Open. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

How I Met Your Mother @ 8pm, CBS: HIMYM was green lighted for another season. They’re keeping this thing going until Ted randomly impregnates a woman. That’s my only explanation.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno @ 11:30pm, NBC: Tonight’s guest is a woman with a gigantic ass. Click here if you want to find out. Do so at your own risk.

Hawaii Five-0 @ 10pm, CBS: Like we said, live audience vote determines ending. Awesome.

Australian Open @ 9pm, ESPN2: What’s going on down under and I don’t mean your perineum.

Extreme Smuggling @ 9pm, Discovery: Inside the wonderful world of dope smugglers.